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Work together with BJ Sosa and his easy 5-step process to create your own unique one-of-a-kind original artwork.



Initial Setup

Initial consultation for:  Image idea, size of the painting, budget, time frame, colour scheme, any files to be referenced will be also exchanged at this time. 

Initial sketches will be drafted for the client to review and the final sketch will be generated from the input. 

Upon approval of the final sketch for the commissioned painting, a signed agreement to commit will be provided. 

Time Frame: 1-2 Weeks

Cost;  $0


Sample Painting

A small sample painting will be generated from the final sketch and the client can confirm and verify the colours for the painting at this stage. Also any adjustments to the scene/image of the painting can be discussed and changed at this stage. 

Custom canvas will be ordered at this time as well. 

Time Frame: 1-2 Weeks, time may vary depending on canvas order. 

Cost: 50% of painting 



Painting will commence on the actual canvas at this stage. 

I will sketch out the painting on the canvas and then under paint and block paint before painting the final scene with acrylic and ink. 

Time Frame: 2-4 Weeks, depending on the size of the painting and scheduling

Cost: $0  


Varnish Finishing 

A photo is provided to the client to confirm the painting looks good and upon confirmation, the painting will cure for a week before any varnish is applied. 

I will then apply 3-4 coats of gloss varnish and finish with 1-2 coats of satin varnish. However the finish can be adjusted to the client's preference.  

Time Frame: 2-3 Weeks, weather conditions may affect the time frame. 

Cost: $0


Final Approval 

Client will be presented with the finished painting for approval and delivery. 

Overall time frame: 6-10 Weeks

Cost: Remaining 50% balance of painting  


Additional Information

-Price for each commissioned is based on price per square inch which is currently at $2.25.

 -If the stars align with the universe perfectly, I may be able to finish within 3-4 weeks. 

Creative Commissions

Let's get started!

Send me message and let's get working on your commissioned painting today! 

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Let's work together

Do you have an idea for a special commissioned painting? 

Contact me here and let's get started on your project! 



Thanks for submitting!

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