Born in Calgary in 1980, BJ Sosa had a very strong interest in the visual arts from a young age and enjoyed every opportunity to paint or draw in his free time.
Living so close to the Rocky Mountains that he could see them in the background as he played in the playground, provided the inspiration and passion to keep BJ painting over the years.
Starting in elementary school where he drew mountains all day long, in his notebooks, on his school papers, and even on the bottom of his backpack, BJ was drawn to painting mountains.
A pivotal moment during his childhood was when BJ was eight and got selected to paint part of the Olympic mural at his school. This solidified his early thoughts to become an Artist.
However things changed two years later when his family moved to the US. In a completely different world, the mountains seemed to fade away as did his time spent drawing them while he grew up and moved around the US and Ontario over the next twenty years.
Although BJ’s focus wasn’t on art back then, it was always in the back of his mind.
BJ eventually had a career in finance for over a decade however the passion for creating art inside him never diminished, it only grew stronger.
In 2012, BJ moved back to Calgary and decided it was time to change life paths and his career. It was time to follow the one he had instinctively as a kid playing in the playground, looking at the mountains and painting them whenever he could, which he has now turned into his full-time art career as a self-taught artist.

BJ Sosa

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In order to preserve our land and country for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by, a portion from each painting sold will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help support their efforts and our beautiful country.